Enlightening the World: The Creation of the Statue of Liberty

Enlightening the World: The Creation of the Statue of Liberty

In Enlightening the World I take a fresh look at the fascinating story behind the creation of the statue. I explore the historical period – the idea for a monument to liberty was conceived at the end of the American Civil War – along with the lives of the people central to the statue’s creation. I also closely examine the monument itself, describing the sculptural, architectural, and structural design and construction and interpreting the meanings of the statue’s symbols of liberty.

Engineering Architecture: The Vision of Fazlur R. Khan

Engineering Architecture: The Vision of Fazlur R. Khan

My book about my father focuses on his career and his progressive ideas for large-scale building design, initiated in his own projects – projects such as Chicago’s 100-story John Hancock Center and 110-story Sears Tower, the world’s tallest building for over twenty years. At the same time, Engineering Architecture describes my father’s childhood in Bengal, his early engineering studies, and the special personal qualities that shaped his life.

Building Blocks: The John Hancock Center

Building Blocks: The John Hancock Center

While I was working on Engineering Architecture I was asked to write an introductory text for this book of photos by Ezra Stoller. My Introduction, the only text in the book, recalls the excitement associated with this pioneering work of  structural and architectural collaboration.

22 Responses to “Home”

  1. john milde Says:

    hello, YK, i’m really impressed with both the S of L & FK websites. i would think anyone coming across them would want to read both of your books. CC had spoken about the tile mural in honor of your father & it was interesting to see it at last in a photo. she was very happy to see you in chicago recently. very best wishes from costa rica.

  2. Arif Mahmud Shoibal Says:

    I am deeply touched seeing your profound love for your father’s works and dreams. I would certainly want to know more..Once I come to USA, I wish to meet you and hear more about this great man (no doubt, one of the greatest Bangladeshis of all times).
    I’m proud to be a Bangladeshi, because we had FRK!
    Take care.
    Best regards
    Arif Mahmud

  3. Rajib Says:

    At last I got the book ‘Enlightening the World: The Creation of the Statue of Liberty’ signed by you. I am so happy to get it. Going to start reading. Best wishes to you always.

  4. mazziyatol farizza Says:

    I came across of FRK as i’m searching for schools to further my study in US.His story really make me fall in love with high rise building as it was one aspect of my proposal for my master degree i’m pursuing.I pray to god i would become a good designer as your late father.

  5. Dr. N. Subramanian Says:

    Dear Er Yasmin Sabina Khan,

    I am admirer of Dr F.R. Khan and I was thrilled to visit Sears Tower a few years ago and take a picture of me with his small statue installed there.

    I am now writing a book on concrete structures for Indian Students, for which I want to use the images of DeWitt-Chestnut Apartment building in Chicago and Onterie Center, Chicago. Will you please provide them to me? They will be included with proper acknowledgements. Your early response is appreciated.

    Dr N. Subramanian

    • Dear Dr. Subramanian,
      I am glad to hear about your book for Indian students.
      I would be happy if my book about my father could also be made available to readers in India. Maybe an Indian publisher will arrange for this.
      Can you select the photos you want from my book, Engineering Architecture? I will send you permission information by email.
      Best regards,
      Yasmin Sabina Khan

  6. FM Says:

    Dear Yasmin,

    I am a third year student at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. We are doing an assignment where we have to research an eminent contributor to the art and science of structural design. We have been urged to make contact with this person we have to research.
    I was wondering whether I could ask you some questions via email and how I should go about that?

  7. Muhammad Nasir-Uz-Zaman (Titu) Says:

    I am also civil engineer and from Faridpur. Now working as Bridge Engineer in JMRIP at Bangladesh and have much interest on design sector of civil engineering structure but may be need higher study on it to satisfy myself. I am proud of you and your father.

  8. Tashmeet Sadiq. Says:

    Hello Yasmin, I study at Heriot-Watt University’s Dubai campus. I have an assignment to do a 5 minute presentation about a visionary and I have chosen your father because he had such a remarkable career and his achievements were outstanding, I have a few questions to ask you but I am unable to find your email address or any medium of contact to directly talk to you, can you please help with this query, your help will be much appreciated.
    Tashmeet Sadiq.

  9. mashrur fateh Says:

    FR Khan is pioneer in tall building design and we are proud of him.
    I am a structural engineer, graduated from BUET and had MSc in structural engineering from Cardiff. Right now, I am in Bangladesh.
    I want to know in detail about FR Khan thoughts. Did he write any book? I would be very keen to read that. He did write lots of technical papers. But from here, these are not accessible. If you have his writings and technical papers or manuscripts, is it possible to get those? I am very interested to read his writings.
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Dr.M.D.Nair Says:

    Yasmin, over the years I made several attempts to contact you without success. I was his closest friend of Fazlur and Lisl at Urbana and Khan was my apartment mate for three years and we kept up for several years until I left U.S for India on 1961. In fact I was the one who introduced your parents to each other. We cooked, sang ( he taught me RabindraSangeeth ) , were partners and opponents in Table Tennis. The last I saw him, Lisl and you was when you all visited us at Urbana when I had briefly come back to UOI and taught there till 1961. I do not know whether you have seen his albums of Urbana days. If you have, you can easily recognise me. God , how many anecdotal memories of him, Lisl, Walter, Martin and all other friends. We were the same age, I am now 85 and still active (thank God). When I visited Sears Towers , saw Khan’s bust and walked through the Khan Way I was very nostalgic, emotional and proud . If you read this , get back to me and we will have so much to talk about. My E mail ID is .
    Uncle Mohan

  11. John Louis-Auguste Says:

    Dear Yasmin. Hello from Jeddah. I am working in Jeddah on the new airport extension and took a picture yesterday from the top level of the new control tower looking towards the Hajj Terminal your father did such a brilliant job designing. We felt he was watching over us. I can send you the picture. My email contact is on the contact form. Warmest regards. John

  12. Aftabur Rahman Says:

    Hello Miss Yasmin,
    I hope all is well with you. My name is Aftabur Rahman and I reside in Albany, NY. My inquiry is a little odd. Here in Albany I’m a volunteer of a not for profit organization called OBAC (Organization of Bangladeshi American Community) and we hold 5-6 cultural programs a year. Our next program is on March 28th, 2015 and with the help of some high school students we want to present lives of three successful Bangladeshi American. We have chosen your father as one. Although I am not an engineering student your fathers life work is very impressive and I feel proud to be a Bangladeshi American. I would like to know if you can provide us some interview time on Skype or in any other format. Main Purpose of doing this is to educate our children in exploring different field of study and at the same time to help them hold on to our heritage. I know you are very busy but if you can share some time it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon.

    With regards
    Aftabur rahman

  13. Farzana Says:

    Hi Yasmin,
    I need your contact no . you can send email fhdudm@yahoo.com

    Farzana Hoque

  14. Hi Yasmin,
    My name is Sudhindra Khamitkar , I am from India Bangalore, I want to get the book you wrote about your father Dr Fazlur Khan. Since I am great admirer of your father. So how can I get it?

    Thanks & Regards,

  15. Chris Fellin Says:


    What an extraordinary life work. Inspirational in so many ways.

    Warm regards,

    Chris, UM, 1982

  16. Kazi Hossain Says:

    Hi Yasmin, Dr. Khan was my mum”s uncle, I met him couple of times during my childhood. In fact I was supposed to meet him in Dhaka but he untimely died in March 1982. Through
    out my life I cherish my very short memory with him and praying to Almighty for the salvation of departed soul. I am living in Abu Dhabi and whenever I visit Dubai and look into Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world , I am mesmerised to think, it bears the architectural touch and contribution of Dr. Khan. Wish you all the best, hope you will carry & promote fathers legacy- serving the humanity at large.

    Kind regards,

  17. Dr.M.D.Nair Says:

    Yet another piece of nostalgia. Yasmin,you had promised to look into your fathers album of the period 1953 to 1956 when he was my apartment mate. May be we should reconstruct those days as well since that period made a lot of contributions to his future persona and achievements . Also your own visit to our place in Urbana as a child along with your parents in 1961.

  18. ASAK Dear Yasmin,

    I am a great admirer of your father. My current trip to Chicago is because of my desire to see his works. I stare at the work he’s done and marvel. I’m proud to see his contributions as a Canadian born from the Indian subcontinent.

    I am visiting till May 24. I was wondering if there was a way I could pay my respects and make dua at his grave.

    If you could email details if you feel comfortable, that would be greatly appreciated.

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